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Great deals on baby products on January 28, 2010

Filed under: Deals — Detra @ 8:40 pm

Save 10% when you buy 3, save 15% when you buy 4 qualifying baby products at – diapers, wipes, formula, baby food, etc. 

Purchase $50 or more and get FREE shipping OR MOST of the items are free shipping regardless. 

Use coupon code URTYJLI8 to get an extra 10% off (enter it on the submit order screen).  (Thanks For The Mommas!)

Go HERE to check out this deal, click on the number 4 of screens to be displayed.  I have played around with the different options and for those of you that like the Up and Up brand of diapers it is a pretty good deal – it is definitely worth your time to check out your favorite products to see if you can save some money! 

You could use my post from earlier today to get a great deal on diapers from and then use this info to get a great deal on formula or other baby items.  Yes, you will have to purchase large quantities but if you plan on purchasing it anyway, might as well get a good deal.


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