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Why this blog came to be January 29, 2010

Filed under: General — Detra @ 9:09 pm

So tonight I open up about why I really started this blog.  My husband has been without a job now for 5 months and I am a stay at home mom. I have always looked for deals and used coupons when I could but due to our situation, I have become a major money saver! I use coupons like crazy, I submit for every rebate possible, I use competitor’s ads when grocery shopping, etc. As for saving money around the house, I unplug anything not in use, try to make sure lights are turned off in rooms that we aren’t in, and cut back on any bills we could. (I called the cable company when I was looking for ways to cut back and told them I needed to find ways to save money and started asking them how much I would save by cutting out movie channels, etc. and they gave me the movie channels free for a year! )We are finished having children and the baby is now 9 months old so I have started to sell baby stuff on Craig’s list.  Every little bit helps.  We also stay at home a lot more now which gives us more family bonding time :-).  We rarely eat meals out and only will if we have a coupon or gift certificate – no more  picking up things we don’t need while shopping – plan out all purchases and seek out the best deal. 

One thing that really helped us was a new Cobra law where you only have to pay 35% while the former employer pays the rest!!! We only pay $350 a month now instead of the $1000 we would have been paying – you just have to ask the former employer about it (many of them don’t know about it – ours didn’t until we asked).  [“Eligible individuals pay only 35 percent of their COBRA premiums and the remaining 65 percent is reimbursed to the coverage provider through a tax credit. To qualify, individuals must experience a COBRA qualifying event that is the involuntary termination of a covered employee’s employment. The involuntary termination must occur during the period that began September 1, 2008 and ends on February 28, 2010.”]

I am so happy to report that my husband actually got three amazing job offers this week!!! Great things come to those that wait I guess! If your family is facing a similar situation always tell yourself good things are coming your way and hang in there!! 

For those not in this situation, my best piece of advice is put money back!!! I was always taught to put money back – ideally 10% of every paycheck should go into something that earns you interest – CD’s, savings accounts, 401k’s even. If we had not put back all these years, I don’t know how we would have made it!  We might not go on lavish vacations, or have the best of everything but putting money back kept us afloat the last 5 months.  It was worth it! 


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