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Breakfast! January 30, 2010

Filed under: Recipes — Detra @ 9:47 pm

This morning I made bacon and cheddar cheese (and onions on hubby’s) omelets.  I also made extra bacon on the side.  What a great start for the day!!!  Eggs are a little over $1 for a dozen – there has been a $1/2 Kraft cheese coupon on for the cheese – and I had a $1/2 bacon coupon from several weeks back.  Between my older boys and my husband, one package of bacon doesn’t stand a chance around here!  Because of the coupon, I have one more package of bacon to use another time.   

For the omelet, I whisked 1-3 eggs per person with a little milk, salt, and pepper.  I heated a pay and then sprayed it with cooking spray.  I cooked it on the first side until it was solid enough to flip – once flipped, I loaded half of it with the fillings and folded it over once the second side was finished cooking.  I cooked the bacon in the oven on 400 degrees.


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