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Price Match February 17, 2010

Filed under: General — Detra @ 3:01 pm

Want to get the best deal in town but don’t want to drive all over town to get it?  Take your sale ads with you to Walmart or Target and they will price match your ads!  I do this often!  Separate the items you want to price match in your cart so you can get them all done together – I like to get my price matches out of the way first when I check out.  I usually flag the items in the flyer with Post-its so they are easy to find in order to point out to the cashier. 

Price matching not only saves you money on your groceries, it saves you time and gas by not having to go to several stores to get the best deals possible.  🙂

Visit the store’s website for more information on price matching (you can also check out their coupon policies, etc.)


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