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Contacting manufacturers February 26, 2010

Filed under: Coupons,General — Detra @ 3:33 pm

For those of you that read my post the other day about contacting manufacturers, I hope you have started to do the same.  My mailbox has been filled with coupons on a daily basis ever since I started doing this.  Yesterday I got some great coupons from Seventh Generation and Annie’s Homegrown.  Today I got some from Kellogg’s, Alouette (one for a free product even), and Musselman’s.  I also got an email today from Peter Pan peanut butter saying they are sending me a coupon for a FREE product in response to me sending an email stating that I find their low-fat peanut butter gritty (I couldn’t eat the stuff – luckily the kids don’t seem to mind it too bad).  It is amazing the responses I have been getting from manufacturers.  So many of them are so happy to get emails from people that enjoy their products and have something nice to say.  The few that I have actually had a problem or complaint for have been great on taking care of the issue. 

Start with your most popular items (those that you buy regularly), email the company (usually hit the “contact us” tab on their websites) and let them know that you use their products all the time and what it is that you like about them.  For example, when I emailed Alouette, I said, “My family loves your Feta Crumbles.  We enjoy eating them on salads, pizza, sandwiches, etc.  I also like the fact that the price tends to be lower than some of the other major brands.  Thanks for making such a delicious product.”  Simple as that.  For me taking the time to send them a compliment, I get one free product and 2 more coupons to boot!!  Love it!!  Give it a try.  Let me know what great coupons you get!!


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