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Deals at Target February 26, 2010

Filed under: Coupons,Deals — Detra @ 4:16 pm

Okay, so I know I talk too much about Target but man, you can get some great deals there!  I went to one of the Super Targets today because I wanted to try some Greek yogurt.  I’ve heard that it is good stuff but I have never tried it.  So, before going, I became a fan of Fage on Facebook and was able to print a coupon for $1 off any Fage Greek yogurt (I hit the back button after and was able to print off 3 total).  They are on sale this week for $1.69 so I was able to get 3 to try for $0.69 each (haven’t tried them yet, hope they are yummy!).  Then while I was in the yogurt section, I noticed that the Breyers Inspirations Lowfat 4 pack yogurt was on sale for $0.57 from $2.29!!!  Great deal!  They are chocolate chip, I can’t wait to try them!  THEN, after checking out, a $1.00 off 2 Breyers yogurt coupon printed out.  SO, I sent my hubby back for two more packs, he used the coupon and the total for 2 4 packs after the coupon and tax was $0.24!!!!  Now that is some bargain shoppin’!  🙂

I have also been stocking up on gifts at Target lately – watches, jewelry, toys, etc.  Be sure to check every inch of the store when you go – you never know what you will find! 

One more little freebie we have found at Target – if you purchase the bags of Starbucks coffee in the grocery section, it says on the bag to take it in to any Starbucks once it is empty for a free cup of coffee.  Not too bad for something you would normally just throw in the trash.


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