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Stock up! February 28, 2010

Filed under: General — Detra @ 4:09 pm

One golden rule of couponing and bargain shopping is to stock up when you find an outstanding price.  That is one reason why I say ask around for extra coupons – if you find a good deal, you will want to get more than one, therefore you’ll need more than one coupon.  One thing we did not have to worry about during the 6 months my husband was without a job was going hungry or being without our necessity items.  That is because when I found a great price, I got lots (thanks to all of those that gave me their coupons!). 

I have a good idea in my head of what is a good “stock up” price for things.  For many items, it is when I can get them for $1 or less.  For the diapers, it is a per diaper price – I would like to keep the price around $0.10 a diaper.  The dishwasher tablets I was able to get for $0.55-$0.73 a box thanks to $2.50 coupons matched with sale prices and clearance prices.  Canned goods are easy to stock up on.  You can often find coupons for $1 off 3 or 4 cans – wait for a great sale and then stock up on the kinds you use.  Same with broth, soups, cereal, etc.  I find cereal on sale or clearance at Target all the time – I will usually have a coupon to pair with it so my stock up price for cereal is generally $1 a box or less (we have about 15 boxers right now so I am not allowed to buy any more for a while!).  Frozen veggies go on sale often just like canned veggies and coupons are available all the time for them.  If I can get them for around $0.50, I stock up.   Toilet paper is an item you generally have to really watch sale prices and be ready to take a competitor ad with you so you can match the best price – coupons are readily available for TP!  I found my stock pile on clearance at Target and I had a coupon to match with it.  Now for the bathroom supplies, well, most of it I was able to make a profit on.  Olay rebates (purchased items on sale with coupons) have been awesome for stocking up my bathroom cabinet.  Then I watch sale ads for deals where I can get gift cards or register rewards for purchasing a certain amount – if you pair those deals with coupons, generally you can actually make a profit.  Also some of my items were clearance items that when paired with coupons were free or almost free.  Hope these tips help you learn the art of stocking up. 

Have I mentioned that I love bargain shopping!  I could live at Target – I just love shopping their clearance!


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