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FYI – sorry no posts lately March 11, 2010

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If you haven’t noticed, I have not had a chance to post anything for the last few days.  We are in a period of readjustment right now.  With my husband starting a new job and two boys in baseball/Tball, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment.  My computer time is non-existent right now!  Hopefully I can get into a good routine soon and get back to posting.  Stick with me – I’ll pull it together! 😉 

If you subscribe, you will be able to know when I post without having to keep checking back. 

FYI – I came across this deal today: go to and use zip code 62946 – there is a $1 off McCormick coupon!  Those are hard to come by!!!  You can go in and print any coupon on there twice!  I’ve also read that Target is going to have Kellogg’s cereal on sale next week – there are some great coupons for Kellogg’s cereal on there – print now before it is gone if you like Kellogg’s cereal.


Goal this week March 1, 2010

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I have talked about stocking up and it is a great thing to do, but my stockpile is starting to take over!  🙂  It’s a good problem to have though, I must admit!!  So in order to keep stockpiling, I need to use up some of what I have.  My goal for this week is to make meals using what I have on hand.  Tonight, I was able to make my tortilla soup (recipe in an earlier post) – I had everything on hand thanks to coupons and sales.  I even had the chips and shredded cheese to serve in it.   Yesterday we had leftover smoked turkey from Christmas – I had it out in the deep freezer.  With a little barbeque sauce added to it, it was yummy stuff!  Served it with broiled red potatoes and asparagus (it was on sale this week and I have been craving it!).  Saturday night we had T-bone steaks (from the deep freezer – we went in on having a cow processed last year), mashed potatoes, and steamed broccoli.  I am curious to see how long I can keep this up!

Check your cupboards, your freezer, and your fridge and see what you can make without making a trip to the store.  I would love to hear what you were able to make.


Stock up! February 28, 2010

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One golden rule of couponing and bargain shopping is to stock up when you find an outstanding price.  That is one reason why I say ask around for extra coupons – if you find a good deal, you will want to get more than one, therefore you’ll need more than one coupon.  One thing we did not have to worry about during the 6 months my husband was without a job was going hungry or being without our necessity items.  That is because when I found a great price, I got lots (thanks to all of those that gave me their coupons!). 

I have a good idea in my head of what is a good “stock up” price for things.  For many items, it is when I can get them for $1 or less.  For the diapers, it is a per diaper price – I would like to keep the price around $0.10 a diaper.  The dishwasher tablets I was able to get for $0.55-$0.73 a box thanks to $2.50 coupons matched with sale prices and clearance prices.  Canned goods are easy to stock up on.  You can often find coupons for $1 off 3 or 4 cans – wait for a great sale and then stock up on the kinds you use.  Same with broth, soups, cereal, etc.  I find cereal on sale or clearance at Target all the time – I will usually have a coupon to pair with it so my stock up price for cereal is generally $1 a box or less (we have about 15 boxers right now so I am not allowed to buy any more for a while!).  Frozen veggies go on sale often just like canned veggies and coupons are available all the time for them.  If I can get them for around $0.50, I stock up.   Toilet paper is an item you generally have to really watch sale prices and be ready to take a competitor ad with you so you can match the best price – coupons are readily available for TP!  I found my stock pile on clearance at Target and I had a coupon to match with it.  Now for the bathroom supplies, well, most of it I was able to make a profit on.  Olay rebates (purchased items on sale with coupons) have been awesome for stocking up my bathroom cabinet.  Then I watch sale ads for deals where I can get gift cards or register rewards for purchasing a certain amount – if you pair those deals with coupons, generally you can actually make a profit.  Also some of my items were clearance items that when paired with coupons were free or almost free.  Hope these tips help you learn the art of stocking up. 

Have I mentioned that I love bargain shopping!  I could live at Target – I just love shopping their clearance!


Great mail day! February 27, 2010

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Okay, like I said the other day, I love getting the mail these days – so many coupons!  I contacted Earthbound Farms earlier in the week to let them know how much I appreciate their products and that I feel comfortable serving them to my family since they are organic.  On their contact form, there is a place to enter in a UPC so you will need one of their products – I had a bag of carrots on hand.  Today in the mail, I received a ton of coupons from them – two of which were for FREE products up to $5.99 in value!!!!  Wow!  I also got some Gerber coupons and two coupons for FREE Orville Redenbacher popcorn (had several bags that didn’t puff up, a hole burned thru the bag, and hot kernels went everywhere).   This contacting the manufacturer thing is the way to get great coupons!  I love that I am not using up printer ink and paper too!  I have made it a goal to contact 3 companies every night.  Search through your pantry, your cleaning supplies, your paper goods, your personal care items, your pet supplies, everything – I am sure you can find something to say to each company.  🙂 

Share your finds with us all so we will know great companies to contact as well.


Contacting manufacturers February 26, 2010

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For those of you that read my post the other day about contacting manufacturers, I hope you have started to do the same.  My mailbox has been filled with coupons on a daily basis ever since I started doing this.  Yesterday I got some great coupons from Seventh Generation and Annie’s Homegrown.  Today I got some from Kellogg’s, Alouette (one for a free product even), and Musselman’s.  I also got an email today from Peter Pan peanut butter saying they are sending me a coupon for a FREE product in response to me sending an email stating that I find their low-fat peanut butter gritty (I couldn’t eat the stuff – luckily the kids don’t seem to mind it too bad).  It is amazing the responses I have been getting from manufacturers.  So many of them are so happy to get emails from people that enjoy their products and have something nice to say.  The few that I have actually had a problem or complaint for have been great on taking care of the issue. 

Start with your most popular items (those that you buy regularly), email the company (usually hit the “contact us” tab on their websites) and let them know that you use their products all the time and what it is that you like about them.  For example, when I emailed Alouette, I said, “My family loves your Feta Crumbles.  We enjoy eating them on salads, pizza, sandwiches, etc.  I also like the fact that the price tends to be lower than some of the other major brands.  Thanks for making such a delicious product.”  Simple as that.  For me taking the time to send them a compliment, I get one free product and 2 more coupons to boot!!  Love it!!  Give it a try.  Let me know what great coupons you get!!


New Pampers February 22, 2010

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New Pampers Cruisers. Now with DRY MAX.

Free shipping* on new Pampers® Cruisers with DRY MAX—limited quantities available online!

Try them before they’ve officially launched! At 10 a.m. (EST) on February 24, a very limited number of new Pampers Cruisers with DRY MAX will be available for purchase. This is a very exciting opportunity to try our first high performance diaper. But don’t be late, because quantities are limited!

I have no idea how much these will be but might be worth checking out.  Click HERE on Feb. 24th to get this offer.


Target deals of the week February 21, 2010

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Click HERE to see the deals this week at Target thanks to Stretching a Buck!